Our Services

Central Tank Coatings, Inc. offers a variety of services, including:

  • Wide array of maintenance contracts & annual inspections
  • Full containment system
  • Digital photo inspections
  • Roofs, pipes and jackets
  • Sandblasting and painting
  • Specializing in Epoxy and Zinc Linings
  • Crews available for winter emergencies
  • High pressure washing of exteriors
  • Safety upgrades for OSHA compliance
  • We stay abreast of our industry regulations
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Water Tower Maintenance and Tank Inspection

Regular, professional tank inspections are essential to determine the amount of maintenance required. Along with an inspection report, you will receive photographs and a detailed recommendation for repairs.

Containment System

Our state of the art containment system allows us to perform maintenance and repairs without damaging the surrounding environment, including cars, businesses and homes. Our containment system will control hazardous materials from escaping and contaminating the environment.

Maintenance Contracts

We offer annual and biennial contracts. We will customize a maintenance plan that is suitable to the Owner of the facility. These contracts usually include, but are not limited to:

  • Pressure washing the interior using up to 5000 PSI
  • Disinfection of the interior, according to the owner's specifications
  • May Include minor touch-ups
  • Digital photos of the inspection
  • A written report of the inspection

If a municipality does not want to commit to this kind of contract, we would be glad to perform a onetime inspection of your water tower.


We sandblast according to SSPC standards. We blast using a No. 10 or a No. 6, whichever is specified in the contract.

Specializing in Epoxy and Zinc Linings

We use a variety of coating systems such as Zinc, Epoxy, Epoxy System, or a two-coat Epoxy system for the interior. For the exterior we use a Zinc, Epoxy and Urethane system.

Digital Photo Inspection

While cleaning the interior or exterior of your water tower we will take digital photos. We will send these pictures along with a written report of the condition of your tank.

Roofs, Pipes, and Jackets

For the roofs that we install we use welded 3/16" steel sheets with a frost-free ventilation system. We use OSHA and EPA approved man-ways. All new steel is coated with an epoxy system. We have certified welders for any type of welding services you may need.

We will remove and install any riser pipe. It can be made of ductile iron, schedule 80, or schedule 40 steel pipe. Jackets are made of a Styrofoam insulation and covered with an aluminum sheeting.

We install expansion joints and overflow pipes. We use a Flexonic stainless steel to fit the size of your riser pipe and can furnish overflow pipes according to the size you may need. We also install frost-free vents and raised hatch lids.

Winter Emergencies

Our experts are available for any freeze-ups or leaks that may occur during the winter months. We are also available for any type of problem you may have throughout the year.

OSHA Upgrades

We perform OSHA upgrades including raising handrails and installing safety climbing systems or devices.

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